Illustrate the amazing products you've created through video! Show people what they look like in action. And that goes for all your products - physical and digital. No matter how people are using your resources, use video to show why teachers need them in their classroom.

Full Product Video

Full product videos show just how extensive and helpful your products can be. It's the complete experience - seeing how they start and seeing how they look once they're in the hands of students. These videos are created horizontally and range from 1-2 minutes. We'll print off up to 10 pages of your product to use in these videos.

Square Videos

If you just need a short preview of your product, these are perfect for you! Square videos are typically 15-2o seconds, and show up to 5 pages of your product in use! If your product is longer than 5 pages, you can specify which pages you'd like us to display. If you're wanting more shown, the full preview videos are for you!

Custom Branding

Fonts and colors used in the video will be tailored to your store branding. We'll send over a questionnaire before we start your video to ask for preferences on music type, colors, fonts, and wording. You can be as detailed as you like, or leave it up to us to choose. Either way, we've got you covered. We will also add your watermark to the bottom corner if provided.

Digital Products

In addition to printed products, we can also create a short video showing off your digital resource in action. You can choose choose either our iPad or our computer template, which will then be tailored to your store branding through color and font choice. We will also include your watermark on the bottom corner if provided. Comparisons of the different templates and sizing options can be seen below. However, if you'd like something custom made for a specific product line, personalized templates can be made for $50.


Our digital products can be created in either square or 2:3 format, depending on intended use. Square is ideal for Instagram posts and TPT previews, while 2:3 format is ideal for pins on Pinterest. For a small add-on fee,

we can deliver both formats for you to use however you'd like!