Let us help you create.


We're glad you're here! We're Savannah and Devin. Our goal is to help you create product pictures and highlight videos that stand out & showcase your amazing products!

You know how important it is to have professional looking photos and videos to promote your products, but you also know how time consuming it can be to create them. Let us take that burden off your shoulders by creating enough marketing materials for you to use in the months to come! Scroll on down below to see just how we can help.

Step 1: View Our Portfolio

Check out our portfolio to see examples of past work we've created. We've helped many teacher authors expand their marketing materials with photos, videos and logo animations! You can see examples of each through the links below. Then, keep scrolling to learn more about the investment.


Step 3: Contact Us

Once you've reviewed our work, select what package you'd like from our 'product investment page'. Fill out our contact form to let us know your choice, and we'll email you back within 24 hours to get started!

After we've chatted, we'll have you send over the products you've like photographed/filmed. Once we have your products, we'll take it from there! We'll print them out, prep them, and provide simple props for each product. If you’d like to highlight a digital product, we’ll simply need access to it so we can show how it works in action.


Other Things to Know

Can i schedule more than one shoot a year?

Absolutely! In fact, all clients that book 3+ sessions a year up front will receive 10% off of their total package.

We are only able to take on a limited number of clients a year. If you choose to schedule out 3+ times a year at booking, you will be able to select which months you'd like your marketing materials created and we will secure your spot on our calendar. This will ensure that we will be able to consistently help you out!

How Soon will i receive my images?

After chatting, we'll schedule a day to shoot your products. Within two weeks of the shoot, you'll receive a link with access to all marketing materials included in your selected package. If you choose to schedule multiple months in the year, we will set a date every month for your products to be delivered.

What do you need from me?

Once you've filled out the contact form, we'll chat more about specifics. But everything will be done over email! You won't need to send us anything except the digital file to your product. We'll take care of printing, supplies, props, etc. This makes it nice and easy on your end!

Can we create a custom digital template for my product line?

Definitely! For all digital products, we have a standard computer template and iPad template. We change colors and fonts according to your own personal branding. However, if you'd like something custom made for a specific product line, personalized templates can be made for $50.