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We're Savannah and Devin, your go-to photo and video team! We specialize in both wedding days and family moments and are here to help you with whatever you may need! Being married five years ourselves, and having two littles and our dog Jeff along the way, we know how important it is to capture not only the big day, but also the memories of your growing family over the years. So no matter if you're just starting your crazy life journey together or have been married for 50 years, we're here for you! With Savannah as your photographer and Devin as your videographer, we'll be there to celebrate your story.

We can't wait to meet you! But first, let us share a little about us.

Fun Facts

Savannah Collins

“I'm a Fort Collins, Colorado native who moved to Utah when I started school at BYU in 2012. After living in Germany for a year and a half, I moved back to Utah to finish school. My roommates decided to set me up on a blind date, and after some convincing, I met Devin! We were married in 2016. As of 2021, we decided to move closer to family, which is how I happily ended up back in glorious Colorado! I'm a lover of languages, movies, and Mario games. Click ahead for more fun facts!”

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Fun facts

Devin Collins

“I grew up in a small town called Oroville, California, where most of my extremely large extended family still lives. I studied video production at BYUI and moved to Utah once I graduated. I got a job up in Salt Lake City, but chose to live in Provo for the dating scene. When Savannah asked me why I voluntarily commuted an hour each day, I told her "I want to get married." I guess it worked out for me! In my free time, I love to write, read, and rock at VR Beat Saber. Click ahead for more fun facts!”

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Meet Our Littles


Our loudest and cutest employee. Her favorite hobbies include kicking the soccer ball, singing baby shark and climbing everything in sight. She loves all things related to rocks, bunnies, fish, and ducks. Give her a rock and she'll be your best friend. She'll also never fail to point out every single airplane she sees.


Our newest addition to the crew. He's currently a little potato and learning to keep his head upright. He's hobbies include pooping, eating, sleeping, then waking up and doing it all over again. Also, he has a wicked head of red hair. Yay, gingers!


The leader of our pack and tied with Izzy for our most demanding employee. He's a lover of belly rubs, soccer, frisbee, goldfish and cuddles. He firmly believes you can never have too many treats. We agree with him.

Our Story

“How’d you guys meet?”


Have you ever gotten this question before? We definitely have. But as many times as we get it, we’ll still answer – we love our story. And we hope your “beginning” story is something you love, too!


We met in Provo, Utah, but not in the conventional way (although in these days, does ‘conventional’ even exist anymore?). Devin had already graduated, and Savannah was recently returned from her mission to Germany, trying to figure out the best educational path. Before we met, we both had experiences that got us ready to meet each other – experiences that we had no idea would lead us to the life we’ve been blessed to have together now.


Devin had moved from Idaho after graduating with a degree in video. Following a series of …let’s just say character-building, take that as you will… experiences with dating, Devin was getting really tired of the whole dating thing. Being the momma’s boy that he is, after sharing his concerns with her, his mom reached out to one of his cousins, Janne, to find out if she had any friends that were single and ready to mingle.


At the same time, Savannah made a pact with her roommates that she would go out of her comfort zone. That week, her roommate, Janne, suggested going on a date with some nerdy guy named Devin.


After the first date – and a blind date, mind you – to a trampoline park, Devin knew he wanted to spend a lot more time with Savannah, though Savannah still needed some convincing. Devin’s attempts to win over Savannah included the paper towel rose taped to her apartment door with a little note soon after our first date, a date to a museum where Rainbow Road and moths were discussed, and finally the date to Machu Picchu.


The Machu Picchu date is what finally convinced Savannah that there was more to this guy than just baggy jeans and Star Wars references. Earlier, Savannah had mentioned how she wanted to go to Machu Picchu one day. Devin remembered and surprised Savannah by picking her up, driving up to Y Mountain, and then pulling out the Peruvian food he’d hidden in the back. He let her know that we’d arrived at our own mini Machu Picchu. That was definitely a pivotal point in our relationship.


Then followed the firsts: first time holding hands (and yes, there’s a story – awkward or otherwise – behind each one of these), the first kiss, the first (and fortunately, only) time Savannah thought someone was breaking into her apartment so she had her roommate message Devin because her phone was out of reach – you know, the normal firsts.


But you know what the best first was? Getting to say “I do” across the altar from each other. Because that’s a first we take every day now. We live the “I do” in sacrificing our time. We live it in cheering on one another in our successes and comforting each other in our hard times. We live it in taking Izzy when she’s been a screaming demon baby all day and one of us just needs a break for our own sanity.


We’re so grateful for our story and our own “I do”s and beginnings we get each day.

That’s a little piece of our story. We can’t wait to hear all the details of yours! 

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