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What to know about your wedding day florals

So, I’m getting married…What should I know about flowers?

We talked with Hannah Badali – florist at Floral and Fauna Design Co – to find out what brides should know when looking for flowers.

I know I want to have flowers on my wedding day. But what should I plan for as far as budget goes?

Flowers cost more than you think. Our suggestion is, if you’re on a small budget, spend more on your own bouquet and make sacrifices in other areas. Why? Because your bouquet will be in all your pictures! And we know that the three things that will make your wedding pictures pop the most are your wedding dress, your hair and make up and well-made florals! For a typical bridal bouquet, plan on about $250 to get you something you will love.

If you’re wanting to go all out (think bridesmaid bouquets, bouquet toss, corsages, arches, table décor, etc.), plan on $2000 as a starting point.

Let your florist know your budget. They are here to help, and also know which flowers will work and which won’t – especially when it comes to which flowers are in season!

What does a florist need to know from me?

It’s very helpful to send the florist information on size, color, and pictures of bouquets that you really like. Although it can be almost impossible to copy a bouquet exactly, this will help your florist know what you’re looking for. After doing research and finding a florist that has a style you like, send your florist all the information you can. Then trust them to create something beautiful! Florists are artists that create something beautiful. They know what works and won’t, so leave it up to them to create something that you will love.

What are your thoughts on silk flowers vs real flowers? Should I go with silk flowers to save money?

As a florist, Hannah prefers working with fresh flowers. Plus although you may think otherwise, silk flowers can actually end up costing more than fresh flowers. So if you can, she recommends going with fresh flowers.

However, there are some benefits to silk flowers. You can rent silk flowers, which lowers the cost, but these aren’t as custom as you may like. When it comes to which flowers are in season, though, silk flowers may give you a lot more possibilities. Your florist can help you know where you might be able to mix and match between silk and fresh flowers, too.

Any other advice that people might not normally think of?

Let your florist know who your photographer is. Different photographers have different styles of editing, which can change how flowers look in the final images. Knowing which photographer is shooting your wedding will help the florist know what type of flowers to get.

There’s also a best way to hold your – and your bridesmaids’ – flowers. Hold the bouquet at about bellybutton level. Tip them slightly forward toward the photographer. There’s usually also a front to bouquets – keep this pointed toward the photographer as well. The photographer will be able to give you more specific directions, but keep these things in mind! There’s no point in getting gorgeous flowers if you aren’t going to show them off completely!

Overall, we highly suggest and recommend budgeting for a gorgeous wedding bouquet! As obsessed flower-lovers ourselves, there’s nothing more fun to play with and highlight in pictures than a gorgeous bouquet!

Special shout out to Hannah Badali (@floralandfaunadesignco) for taking the time to talk with us and arrange this gorgeous bouquet pictured below! Hannah has been arranging and designing florals for over 10 years. She worked with a wedding planner in college doing flowers and has been providing beautiful flowers for on her own for the past 6 years. Check her out! You won’t be disappointed.

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