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What to know when prepping for your wedding day hair and makeup

So, I’m getting married…What should I know about hair and makeup?

We talked with Brialee Nelson – a hair and makeup artist with the Behrens Artistry Hair & Makeup Team – to find out what brides should know when planning for their wedding day.

First off – why should I hire a professional instead of doing my own hair and makeup on the day of my wedding?

The wedding day is stressful. Hiring a hair and makeup artist takes a lot of stress off you. Let someone else worry about how you look. It usually takes about 1.5 hours, so use the time to relax.

We also know that you want to look the best possible in your pictures. I mean, who wouldn’t? Professionals also know what looks good on camera. What may seem like too much makeup might be exactly what’s needed to show up beautifully on camera. So between their magic, and our help with posing, we can guarantee that you’ll be feeling like a million buckaroos in your pictures.

How about budget? How much should I plan on paying for a hair and makeup artist?

In the Utah area, plan on somewhere around $350. For Brialee, that price includes both hair and makeup on your wedding day (false lashes included!), as well as a trial run for both before your wedding day! Brialee also pointed out that it’s really important to do your research. Neither cheap nor expensive are signs that a service will absolutely be great. Do your research, do a trial run, and ask around. Look at tagged pictures on Instagram. Watch their Instagram stories and read referrals. That will give you a good idea if that artist is right for you or not.

What’s a trial run and why should I have one?

Trial runs are a PERFECT way to help both you and the makeup artist see what you love. If you bring inspiration (Brialee suggests bringing a photo or Pinterest board of what you think you’d like), the hair and makeup artist will be able to make sure they can match the style or make some tweaks to your satisfaction. It’s also a great way for the artist to see what you like and don’t like. Don’t be afraid to speak up and let them know exactly what you love about the inspiration you bring. Do you want smokey eyes? A nude lip? Mega false lashes? Knowing exactly what you liked about that inspiration will help your hair and make up artist know exactly what look you are going for and how to make you shine!

Trial runs generally happen 2 weeks before the wedding day. If you’re doing bridals, this is a great time to schedule both and save time and money! Do your trial run in the morning, get that confidence going strong and then show up for your bridal session with us in the evening, rocking that look. Win, win for all of us!

How should I prepare?

Make sure your hair and face are washed before the appointment. And very important – be on time! Being on time helps the rest of the day run more smoothly.

During the trial run, the hair and makeup artist will either take pictures or notes of what they used. They’ll pull from this list so the appointment on the day of the wedding is flawless and quick, leaving you less time to stress and more time to enjoy the day with your new hubby.

What about the rest of the bridal party?

Part of the fun of the wedding day is spending the morning with your mom and bridesmaids getting ready! When talking with Brialee, she mentioned that one benefit of hiring a team like her’s at Behrens Artistry is that they have all been trained the same. As a result, your hair and makeup artists will be there working together to give you all a consistent look across the whole bridal party. What’s not to love about that idea!

See below for some behind the scenes shoots of Brialee working her magic, as well as the final bridal shots below! We LOVE how they all turned out!

A special thank you to Brialee (@brialee_bamakeupco) of Behrens Artistry (@behrensartistry) for answering these questions for us! You can find them online at http://behrensartistry.com.

PS. We’ve also interviewed the amazing florist for this shoot (@floralandfaunadesignco) so stay tuned to find out what she wants all you lovely brides to know!

Bride: @celeste_mess Dress: @affordablebridalboutique Hair and Makeup: @brialee_bamakeupco @behrensartistry Florist: @floralandfaunadesignco

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