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Utah Lake Couples Session - Tommy and Kimber

You’d be surprised at what kind of sacrifice is required to take pictures sometimes. Tommy and Kimber were troopers, though, and we think the sacrifice was worth it.

We all got to Utah Lake State Park and started into the photo session. After deciding on the location that worked best with the natural light we had, Savannah dove into taking the pictures while Devin helped provide shade or bounce light onto their faces with the reflector.

But there was more afoot than originally realized.

As Devin held the reflector up to block out some of the harsh light, he heard it. At first, it sounded like a drone flying above. That was strange, since the park is right next to a small plane airport. But the sound continued, ominously filling the air while the photo shoot continued.

When the sun had descended sufficiently to move to one of the ideal locations we had been most excited to shoot at, that’s when we realized the situation:

Mosquitos. Lots and lots of mosquitos.

We moved pretty quickly after that.

And to give you some peace of mind, after arriving home, we discovered few (if any) mosquito bites. Thank goodness for bug spray. (Hopefully Tommy and Kimber can say the same thing.)

Anyways, there’s a lot more to photography than what you see posted on our blog or website. Sometimes, conditions aren’t ideal. Other times, it hasn’t been the best day for the family. We get it. But in spite of those less-than-ideal circumstances, we shoot (pun intended) for each session being a great experience for the couple or family. That way, when looking back on the day of the shoot through the lens of the photos, the rough circumstances surrounding the day are instead changed to good memories – no matter how many mosquitos were in the air that day.

Tommy & Kimber, thank you so much for this opportunity to do this photo shoot with you guys! Getting to talk with you and see how you’re doing was a lot of fun, and we’re excited for the pictures we’re able to get to you from this day. Wherever you end up, whatever you do, you two are amazing – and even more so together. We know you’ll go far, and we’re looking forward to seeing the adventures life brings to you!


Savannah & Devin

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