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The Great Saltair Engagement Session - Sarah & Andrew

We had the blessing of taking engagement pictures for Sarah and Andrew out at the Great Saltair this last weekend – and we loved every single second of it. We first met Sarah and Andrew over a FaceTime date, and from the second they answered the call, we could tell they were something special. Even through the computer, it was clear that these two are in love. And that became even clearer when we finally met them in person. You know how some couples just seem like they were made to be together? Well, that’s Sarah and Andrew.

Once we were together, we were finally able to hear the story of how Andrew proposed. When we asked them for the details, both of their eyes lit up and the biggest smiles spread across their faces - especially Sarah's. Sarah had had a rough day, working a really long shift as a nurse. When Andrew picked her up, he knew it had been a long day, and so he wanted to make it a special night - Sarah just didn't know HOW special it was going to be. They got in the car together and Andrew drove her to the place where they had gone on one of their first dates. They arrived, and Andrew took Sarah's hand and led her towards the bridge. Once they reached the bridge, Sarah saw it, and knew exactly what was happening - Early in the evening, Andrew had secretly strung up lights, and lined the bridge with pictures from all of their special dates and memories from the past few months together. As she stood there taking it all in, he pulled out a beautiful wedding ring and asked her the big question, "will you marry me?" Of course she said yes. After a romantic stunt like that - who wouldn’t?

Based off of this story alone, we know that their marriage is going to be a good one, as thoughtfulness, care and love are all hallmarks of a great relationship. Spending just a short time with the two of them during their engagement session, it was clear that these two truly do love each other with all their hearts. They can’t help but smile when they are with each other, and had us smiling the entire time as well. We are so grateful we got to spend this time with the two of them, and hope that we captured the fullness of their love during their engagement session at the Great Saltair.

Sarah and Andrew, we haven’t known you for long, but your kindness toward one another and toward us have made us feel instantly comfortable around the two of you. Already, we’re so excited to be able to experience this journey together with you, even if it’s just from the other side of a camera. You two are so cute together! We had a wonderful time getting to take your engagements and getting to know you guys a little better. We can’t wait for your upcoming wedding and for the wonderful future you have ahead of you!

We’ll see you at your bridals!

Love, Savannah & Devin

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