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Spring Family Session at the Salt Lake Capitol Building - The Cannon Family

The last time I (Savannah) had seen the Cannon family was in 2005, when I was in 5th grade. So when Michelle reached out to us asking to do family pictures, I was so excited for the opportunity to see them all again! And what better time of year to take their pictures than during the spring time, when the blossoms are in full bloom at the Salt Lake City Capitol Building?

Flashback to a few weeks ago. I was visiting family in Colorado and a close family friend came over to meet our little Izzy for the first time. While holding our cute baby girl, she mentioned how crazy her own kids are and what I have to look forward to in the years to come. She then asked, “Do you remember the Cannon family? They were the best-behaved kids ever. And so cute and perfect. Hopefully you’ll get lucky and have kids more like their family than like ours.” While we can’t exactly call them kids anymore, it seems like not much else has changed in these last fourteen years. The Cannon family really was a dream to work with. It was clear how much they all loved each other. Watching them interact (especially with their mom, Michelle) helped me see exactly how I hope my and Devin’s relationship with Izzy will be in the years to come. In just our short time together, this family definitely gave us goals to work towards for our future! #relationshipgoals

Cannon family, thank you so much for reaching out to us to take your family pictures! We loved every moment and are so glad we were able to capture these memories before Tayler leaves on her mission next month. We wish you all the best, Tayler, and we can’t see the rest of you at Andrew and Sarah’s wedding in August! Until then, here's just a few of our favorites from our time together.

Love, Savannah and Devin

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