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Spring Family Session at the Salt Lake Capitol Building - The Berentzen Family

Utah State Capitol in the spring? Yes, please!

Combine that with a beautiful, amazing family, and you’ve got a recipe for a gorgeous photo session.

Savannah met Janalee through Amy & Jordan’s Shooting and Editing Course (which we highly recommend if you’re an aspiring photographer). After talking to one another over Instagram, we all decided it would be so much fun to do a photo session swap and planned it for when the blossoms were blooming on the trees surrounding the Capitol. At the time, Savannah was still pregnant with Izzy and couldn’t wait to get cute spring family pictures with the three of us. Fast forward a few months to when we all arrived at the Capitol and saw the gorgeous blossoms, we quickly agreed that the session swap was a great idea.

They took some pictures of us, and then we took some pictures of them. And let us just say - they have the CUTEST family! First off, Janalee and her husband Chris are stunning together. But then add in little Beckett in his vest, and Makenzi with her little white dress and her collection of flower petals and you have the most adorable family we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Everything came together and made this a wonderful session.

That surprised us. Not the fact we’re happy with how the pictures turned out – it doesn’t seem possible to take a bad picture of Janalee or her family (we mean, just wait until you see her smile below!) – but with how much fun we had with their family session. We usually focus on wedding photography and videography, but this cute little family gave us the photo bug for more family sessions. So now we say to all of you reading, bring on the families!

Janalee and Chris, thank you so much for letting us take your family pictures! You have such a beautiful, kind family and we’re very grateful we’ve had the chance to connect with you and get to know you. We felt comfortable when you were taking our pictures, almost like we’ve known you for longer than just the hour or so we were all together, and are so glad we got to return the favor. We wish you all the best, and hope to be able to see you all again soon!

Love, Savannah & Devin

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