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Family Session in Saint George, Utah - The Scherck Family

We’ve been friends with Brad and Natalie for years. Devin’s been friends with Brad for even longer – they used to go to the levy where they grew up in California pretending to be adventuring through the forests of Rivendale (LOTR, anyone?).

Needless to say, when we learned they were leaving for Washington for at least a few years for Brad’s last leg of his education (for now), we had to see them at least one more time. And what better way to remember them by than with a photo session with the stunning backdrop of St. George? They’re already a beautiful family, but there’s something about combining a beautiful family with an amazing location that just takes our breath away.

That’s what this shoot was like. We got to see where they’d been living for the past few months and explore a location very different from those where we normally shoot. With our under-one-year-olds in carriers and their son Ben leading the way, we got to see some crazy slot canyons, hike up petrified dunes, and trek through some of the finest red sand you’ve ever set your eyes on. With some of the beautiful landscapes as the backdrop while we took their pictures atop Dixie Rock, we were blown away by how gorgeous everything was.

That’s another thing that we love about what we do. Not only do we get to see and catch up with new and old friends, but we also get to explore some of God’s most beautiful creations. It can be so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day scramble that’s naturally part of life. But when we’re able to take a step back and just enjoy what He’s created, the wonders of life begin to unfold before our eyes.

Brad & Natalie, we can’t believe you’ve already headed up to Washington! We know you guys are going to love it out there, but we’re sure going to miss you! One day, we’re definitely going to need to come up to visit. By then, we’re looking forward to seeing how many more times you’ll have cut Henry’s hair ;)

You guys have an amazing family and are some of the most wonderful people we’ve ever met. We wish you all the best, and we’re excited to catch up with you all in hopefully the near future!

Lots of love,

Savannah & Devin.

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