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Wedding Formals in Holladay, Utah - Emily and Jefferson


But really, Emily is our bestie and we love her so much. Emily grew up in the same town as Devin and is actually a huge reason why we ended up together. Fate just so happened to make Emily and Savannah roommates back in 2015 and they quickly hit it off, bonding over music and Reese’s peanut butter cake. Every day was a party together, except for that moment when the mail came in and reminded them that they were single.

There’s a certain point you hit at BYU (or maybe it’s just the whole time, who knows) where you’re receiving enough wedding invitations to completely cover your fridge. One day, Emily and Savannah were lamenting over all the happy couples, dreaming of photoshopping their heads into them (which they actually did do at one point) when Emily told Savannah that although she loved having girls as roommates, she was very ready to find her forever roommate.

We can happily report that she found him.

There’s no one else we would have chosen to be Emily’s perfect forever roommate than Jefferson. Some people just seem like they were made to go together, and that’s the case for them. Not only do they seem to be constantly smiling (which makes it a lot easier to take pictures), but they care for and build up those around them as well. They’re one of those couples that make you feel better and happier when you’re around them.

It was such a special experience being able to take their pictures. Seeing that happiness on both of their faces was amazing. But having known Emily for a little while and knowing just how much happiness is behind that smile really warms our hearts.

Side note - You can’t look at these pictures without noticing just how gorgeous a place we were able to take them in. Jefferson’s mom Heidi did all the landscaping to turn that estate into a magical garden straight out of a fairy tale. An amazing couple and a stunning location – it’s the perfect combination!

Emily and Jefferson, we’re so excited and honored that we get to be a part of this special day with you! We know things have been crazy, but you’ve continued forward with optimism and joy. Not only that, but you’ve passed that joy on to others – us included – as well. We’re grateful to know you and blessed to call you our friends.

Congrats on your wedding, you two! Marriage is amazing, and we’re glad the two of you found each other so you can enjoy the journey together.

We love you!!

Savannah and Devin

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