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Desert Shoot in Cave Creek, Arizona - Jen & Daelun

When Devin was transitioning between jobs, Savannah encouraged him to find ways to develop his video skills to eventually land a good video job. That led to the creation of Collins Videography. But we quickly learned that Devin couldn’t run everything on his own, so Savannah stepped in and got things rolling.

Before this, she’d never picked up a camera. She didn’t know lenses detached from the camera body, didn’t know why you’d get a lens that doesn’t zoom, and wondered why you’d ever want to blur the background (some weird thing called bokeh). Savannah was looking for ways to get up to speed on how to use a camera and stumbled across a photography couple – Amy and Jordan – offering a free webinar on how to take better pictures. If any of you have taken a course from Amy & Jordan, you know the rest is history. Savannah was hooked, learning as much as she could and developing her talents. She fell in love with where Amy and Jordan did a lot of photography – the Arizona desert, filled with beautiful red landscapes and towering cacti. She knew she had to do a session there one day.

Eventually, Devin found a job as a Video Production Specialist at Geomni, thanks in large part to Savannah’s encouragement and help to refine his video skill set. He’d occasionally travel to film different branches of the company or to create a customer spotlight video.

One of those trips ended up being to Arizona. Savannah was thrilled and tagged along. She got in contact with a fellow AJ (Amy & Jordan) student in Arizona, who agreed to model with her husband. The plans were in place, the camera batteries were charged, bottles were filled for Izzy, and we were on our way!

It more than lived up to expectations – it was a dream come true. Savannah had a huge smile on her face throughout the entire shoot. She got more and more excited as she posed the couple – Jen and Daelun – with the beautiful landscape behind them and the towering cacti framing the shots. With such an amazing couple and a stunning location, it was impossible to take a bad picture – even after Savannah’s step into a cactus.

Now Savannah can check off taking pictures in Arizona. Replacing that checkbox are about twenty more checkboxes – all to go back and do more photo sessions in Arizona. So if you’re looking for someone to take your pictures out there, drop us a line. We’ll be there in a heartbeat.

Jen and Daelun, Thank you for helping us fulfill this dream and being amazing to work with! You two are something special and we are so glad that we got to meet you on our short trip out to Arizona. We wish you the best on your new journey out in Connecticut and hope that PA school goes well for you!

Until next time,

~ Savannah & Devin

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