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Couples Session at American Fork Boat Harbor

Do you ever live in one place for a while, and then one day realize you’re super close to an amazing location? That’s what happened with this most recent shoot. The American Fork Boat Harbor was a dream! It’s such an amazing location, and we were so surprised to find it right in our backyard!

The same can be true of people, too.

I (Savannah) first met Elyssa about a year ago at a bridal stylized shoot. She was the hair and makeup artist, and had done an incredible job on the model there. I started up a conversation with her as we were leaving the venue, and after talking to her for just a few minutes, I already felt like I had known her forever.

It was one of those things where I don’t know if we ever would have met (probably not) if it wasn’t for us diving into the photography and videography business. But we did start into it, and as a result, we got to meet Elyssa and her wonderful husband.

Elyssa has a special gift of making people feel instantly comfortable and genuinely loved, not to mention she is BOMB at hair. Since that first meeting, I’ve jumped at any chance of getting to work on a project with her, and even scheduled an appointment with her to get my own hair and makeup done for my own maternity pictures (Devin jumping in here – Elyssa DEFINITELY did a fantastic job!). So when she contacted us about taking pictures of her and Stuart, it’s safe to say we were both more than thrilled!

Not only does she make you feel like you’ve made a lifelong friend from the moment you meet her, but she has a beautiful smile and an enthusiasm that’s contagious. We couldn’t help smiling the entire shoot! We feel really blessed and honored to have been able to work with Elyssa and Stuart and be their photographers.

Elyssa and Stuart, we had so much fun with our session with the two of you. Elyssa, you looked absolutely stunning in your dress from Modest Shoppin’ and Stuart, we loved how much we could see your love for Elyssa. It’s so important to support one another at all times – good and bad – and we were so impressed by the relationship that we saw between the two of you. Keep doing you – the world needs more people like the two of you, who seem to make life brighter just by being there (you guys are also probably the reason the rain stayed away until the very end of the shoot, too!). Thank you for the honor to take your pictures and the chance to spend some time with you two!


Savannah & Devin

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